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Every hob is part of our intelligent cooking system, but our cooktops too are even clever all by themselves.

Wet and Dry


A perennial favorite when it comes to moisture – the key feature for customer satisfaction: Moisture on the hob is absolutely one of the daily challenges. But there, the fun with conventional hobs tends to stop. But in these moments the high-quality and smooth-running sliders of the CUCINIALE hob meet the highest demands!



Interconnecting 2 cooking zones is nothing special with induction hobs. As with even browning when baking in the oven, the even heat distribution on the hob is the crux. At CUCINIALE, we recognize these so-called bridges automatically, especially if the cookware is not perfectly positioned on the cooking zone. These huge cooking zones always run with 3.7 kW of power, thanks to the automatic pan detection.

Take a Break with


The doorbell rings, children are playing, or many other distractions make it necessary to leave the hob spontaneously in everyday life. But nothing should boil over and at the same time you don't want to change all temperature settings. That's why the cook at CUCINIALE can simply take a break. Press the button, do not worry about the hob for up to 10 minutes and then restore all settings as before with just one press of a button!

Safety with


3 pots on the hob and it happens as it had to - water is boiling over right now. Instinctively, you reach for the kitchen towel and wipe once across the control elements including the on / off switch. What happens is logical and annoying at the same time: the hob goes out and all the previously selected settings are lost. No problem with CUCINIALE! Simply switch it on again within 6 seconds, press the pause button and the hob remembers all the settings for the cooking zones.



The water boils and the pasta is ready to be prepared with the cooking setting and cooking time selected according to the packaging. But why do you have to think about the pasta all the time? Simply select the heat setting and pre-program the cooking time. With the individual timer, the user tells the CUCINIALE hob, or even just the cooking zone, in advance when to go out.

Comfort with


With CUCINIALE, analogue also works automatically! Ever brought water to a boil and then have to adjust the temperature manually? No, that works completely automatically with the Cuciniale hob. Simply predefine the correct cooking level for later cooking the pasta. When the time comes, the hob automatically switches back to the "correct gear". Now, even in combination with the timer, the rest will happily go by itself.

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