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How intelligent Cooking Systems Work

Our trio of Sensor, App and Induction Cooktop – Perfect, intelligent Cooking Systems

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The sensor determines the properties of your cookware and all food very precisely. This means that you can continue to use your existing induction-compatible cookware.

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Let the CUCINIALE APP guide you through the cooking process: The app takes over the automatic calculation, adjustment and control of temperatures and cooking times.

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Intelligent cooking systems cook completely digitally in connection with our app, the CUCINIALE APP. No more burning. But of course you can also cook analogue as usual.

Intelligent Built-in Cooktops

We not only offer you intelligent cooking systems, but also delicious recipes


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Customer Opinions

About our unique Cooking System

Amazing Technology

Fascinating how the app connects to the hob and how the heat is regulated by itself. Nothing boils over - great! The steamed noodles taste gigantic. Unfortunately the ventilation at the Piri Piri is quite loud.


The recipes in the app are very versatile - there is something for every taste. Everything is well described and you can tell that these are recipes that have been tested. Trying out new things is fun - because it always tastes good too! I look forward to every new recipe. My favorites so far are mushroom risotto, rib-eye steak and cheesy potatoes.

This is totally New!

Finally, you don't have to think so much when cooking. Choose the recipe you want and prepare everything. The cooking-navigator then takes over the cooking. Since you don't always have to stand by the stove, there is time to do other things on the side. Great invention for mothers - I can only recommend it.

Great Innovation

The hob and system is an absolute highlight. Operation is intuitive and self-explanatory. The cooking results are excellent.

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